Certified providers of OSM aligned products and services

Not all sales & marketing agencies are created equal

When growing lead flow it is important to have partners that understand a data based, objective approach to sales pipelines. Objective Sales Management has certified that these partners understand the OSM deal flow model and their offerings are aligned.
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Data Partners Data partners provide automated insights, reports and analysis support into your sales pipeline using the OSM deal flow model
Service Partners Service Partners are channel management and marketing services that are certified by to align with OSM principles.
Training Partners Training Partners are any firm which are authorized to train OSM and sponsor firms and individuals for certification by

Data Partners is a provider of realtime OSM based analytics. They can plug directly into your CRM data and provide all of the base OSM insights plus many more. They are also a Training Partner for certification.

Service Partners is a Lead Generation service whose processes and delivery outcomes are aligned with OSM. The leads they generate are ready for Qualification as defined by OSM. You can work with LeadVoice to increase the number of leads in your pipeline leading to increased New Value and therefore growth in sales and revenue.

Training Partners is the leading training provider of the OSM model and also the primary Data Provider for insights and analytics.