Objective Sales Management
Objective Sales Management

Objective Sales Management

Objective Sales Management (OSM) is a CRM agnostic method for sales management and financial analysis. With OSM an organization can understand, optimize, and consistently grow sales pipelines with transparency and clarity.

A Framework For Growing Sales Teams

Objective Sales Management (OSM) is an open business framework. OSM provides sales teams with a standard analytical method to understand what is happening inside the sales pipeline, uncover deal breakers and opportunities for growth. OSM is a unique way of looking at sales pipelines.


Transparency in your sales pipeline ensures that there are no hidden deals and land mines. The OSM Deal Flow model ensures that nothing is misplaced.


Clarity in your sales process allows you to know what is impacting your ability to hit your sales targets and grow the team. OSM alleviates confusion and analysis paralysis in your strategic thinking.


Consistent sales growth is the goal of any sales team. Through Transparency and Clarity, OSM allows you to focus on your unique competitive advantages that will grow your organization.


Dive into the FACTs

FACT is the yearly summit for Objective Sales Management. FACT is your opportunity to learn, network, share and improve your pipeline with like minded colleagues.
The next event will be spring 2024. Pre-register now to get notified and discounted access when tickets are available.
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Getting Started with Objective Sales Management

Every journey begins with a single step. The OSM journey starts with understanding the common biases we all experience in our sales efforts.
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  • Recency Bias
  • Activity Bias
  • Size Bias
  • Age Bias

What’s new in OSM 2023

Every year OSM is updated with new features and insights. Sales teams can use the OSM models to improve performance. See the documentation for the latest framework models.
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Jump into the OSM Docs

The 4 Factors of Deal Flow
Learn the 4 Factors of sales pipeline valuation that drive any enterprise sales team. Read the Docs
Sales Biases
Learn the common sales biases that cause teams to miss their targets that are addressed by the OSM model. Read the Docs
Deal Qualification
Learn what deal Qualification is and why it is important to define for your organization. Qualification achieves clarity in your sales pipeline. Read the Docs
Lead Stages
Learn about lead stages and how you should set them up within your sales pipeline for effective reporting and management. Read the Docs


Training for OSM

Objective Sales Management certification ensures you have the baseline training to implement OSM within your organization effectively. OSM training courses are targeted for different audiences within your organization and what they need to get out of OSM.
  • For Executives
  • For Sales Managers
  • For Sales Persons
  • For Data Scientists


Certified OSM Partners

Implementing Objective Sales Management within your organization is most effectively done with help. ObjectiveSalesManagement.org maintains the open source documentation for OSM. OSM Partners help implement the OSM specification within your organization and provide standard reporting and consultation.
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ObjectiveSalesManagement.org maintains the documentation of the OSM model and provides training certification for Partners and clients that wish to use OSM within their businesses.
OSM is sponsored by SalesInsights.io, a reporting an dashboard tool implementing the OSM model

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