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Objective Sales Management (OSM) is a method of using data science and hypothesis testing to consistently improve sales team performance.
OSM is compatible with common sales systems that are oriented around soft skills, salesmanship, and psychology. OSM improves such systems by giving you an objective, data based view into your sales team.
Progress require action, action takes making decisions efficiently, decisions need information, and information is built on data. Getting your data right is the foundation of all progress.

Data Based

OSM includes a data model which is used to analyze sales team performance. A data model is a specific set of fields captured in your CRM that allows for standardized reporting. Every CRM can support OSM, and every sales team using OSM is following the same record keeping structure, regardless of their CRM. This consistent data model allows for a standardized way to analyze sales team performance across time and across companies, product lines, and divisions.

Hypothesis Driven

OSM allows you to form a hypothesis about the activity in your sales team and then test that hypothesis with the objective data and insights that are generated.
I have a belief about my sales team. In order for that belief to correct, what else must also be true?
The result of an objective approach to sales is that you develop useful intuitions that you can use to manage your sales, rather than sales biases that lead you to miss your targets.

notion image maintains the documentation of the OSM model and provides training certification for Partners and clients that wish to use OSM within their businesses.
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