Certification levels and process for Objective Sales Management

Getting Certified

All training courses and certification are provided through an Objective Sales Management sponsoring Partner. The Partners will sponsor your training and ObjectiveSalesManagement.org will certify your capability to deploy the OSM within your organization.

Certifications Available

Objective Sales Management has multiple levels of insights and capabilities that can be brought to your organization. In order to get the most out of OSM, Training Partners provide courses that can teach you deep practical knowledge of OSM so that you can implement it within your organization.

OSM1 - Basics

In the OSM1 Basics certification, you will learn how to deploy OSM into your organization and how to analyze sales pipelines using the 4 Factors of pipeline value.

OSM2 - Flow

In the OMS2 Flow certification you will learn how to analyze sales pipelines across time and uncover the various causes of hitting or missing sales performance targets.

OSM3 - Forecasting

in the OSM3 Forecasting certification, you will learn a probabilistic forecasting, team management and customer journeying framework that allows you to predict future performance of your sales team.

OSM4 - Equity

In the OSM4 Equity certification, you will learn equity related calculations like Net Present Value of future sales pipeline valuation, which will help you understand the full economic return of your sales pipelines and make executive strategic decisions.

OSM5 - Portfolio

In the OSM5 Portfolio certification, you will learn how to aggregate pipeline valuations across product lines, divisions, and company portfolios to see how multiple groups that you manage compare with their sales pipeline performance.

Certification Tracks

Different persons within an organization need to get different outcomes out of OSM. Therefore our trainings are oriented around the different needs you may have.


A focus on Return on Investment (ROI) of the marketing channels and sales team, the CEO track emphasizes analysis that can be used for strategic decisions.


A focus on forecasting and future revenue and cashflows, the finance track emphasizes analysis that can be used in conjunction with other financial analysis.


A focus on channel, flow and spend, the marketing track emphasizes analysis that can be used to strategize and improve marketing impact on bottom of funnel sales.


A focus on delivery timeframes, accounts and customer churn, the operations track emphasizes analysis that can be used to improve operational delivery.

Sales Management

A focus on team management, quota goals and consistent improvement, the sales management track emphasizes analysis that can be used to improve the performance of the team.

Sales Person

A focus on individual performance and excellence, the sales person track emphasizes analysis that can be use to improve ones individual performance.