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Stages (in some CRMs referred to as statuses) are the steps that a sale goes through on its way from prospect to customer.
For many CRMs, there are often two sets of stages: the Lead Stage and the Deal Stage. Sometimes, there is only a single set of stages that covers leads and deals.
The journey to becoming a customer happens in stages and, each stage is a window into who and what your business is.
The OSM Bottom of Funnel Model does not take into account Lead Stages, but properly using Lead Stages in your CRM assists in growing the pool of Qualified Deals, which are used in OSM. For this reason, we recommend each business improve the lead stages to optimally match their selling process.

OSM Deal Stages

In OSM, a Deal is in one of four stages:
  • Active: Open Deals which are beyond their first Aging Cohort
  • Won: Deals which have been Won (and are now Closed)
  • Lost: Deals which have been Lost (and are now Closed)
From these four stages, OSM can perform all of the calculations necessary to predict the value of the pipeline.

CRM Stages

Your CRM may have different or several more stages. The CRM stages always get mapped to one of the OSM stages.

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