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Every CRM has a different name for Deals. Deals in the OSM model are typically synonymous with Opportunities (Salesforce, or Potentials (Zoho) that have been Qualified. Hubspot calls their record a Deal as well.
A deal is our attempt at winning a sale and is the central nexus with which all business activity orients.

Unqualified Leads

If the lead has not met the business’s criteria for qualification, then it is not a deal, and it is therefore not included in the Bottom of Funnel analysis.
With OSM, a “Deal” is always a “Qualified Deal”. Whether there exists a physical Opportunity or Potential record in the CRM is immaterial. What matters is if and when the record has been qualified. When performing an OSM analysis, you will only look at these qualified deals.

Consistent Qualification

In order to get an accurate future prediction, it is necessary that all of the deals in a pipeline use the same qualification criteria. As a part of an OSM implementation, you would define your criteria for qualification.

Open or Closed

A Deal in OSM is only ever Open or Closed.
When Open, it is either New or Active.
When Closed it is either Won or Lost.

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