Every sales team starts with many prospects and ends with a few customers. This process creates a “Sales Funnel” and every business has one.
A basic sales funnel
A basic sales funnel
In a sea of prospects, there exists your customer. The challenge is sorting the small fish from the big fish from the non-fish. Among the fishes is your whale, if you are prepared to capture it.
In OSM, we break the funnel down into three levels:
  • Top of Funnel (ToF)
  • Middle of Funnel (MoF)
  • Bottom of Funnel (BoF)
At each level, the sales behavior and volume are very different. Sometimes, each level is handled by a different team altogether.

Top of Funnel (ToF)

Top of Funnel includes any activity which is attempting to engage Prospects — any activity that we consider “Prospecting.”
ToF performance is the primary objective of the Lead Generation Team.

Middle of Funnel (MoF)

Middle of Funnel pertains to “Nurturing” activities for leads which have been prospected, but are not yet Qualified.
MoF performance is the primary objective of the Sales Development Team.

Bottom of Funnel (BoF)

Bottom of Funnel includes any lead which is at least Qualified. Bottom of Funnel is what we consider “Selling” activities.
The core OSM data model deals with the BoF selling performance. BoF performance is the primary objective of the Sales Team.

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